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Annai Therasa Arts and Science College is improving the opportunities for students to improve their academic skills by involving them in various club activities.
Analyzing the growth and advancement of students is one of the institute's core principles, in line with global needs.
It is important because it aids students in improving their identities, meeting business expectations, and succeeding in a global setting.
Students are assisted and promoted through various capacity enhancement and improvement schemes in order to inspire them.
The motivational factors in training students for corporate readiness and being active social citizens are capacity enhancement and growth schemes.


Many of the College' divisions have different systems in place to assist students in preparing for competitive exams. Faculty members are constantly providing useful inputs in order to improve and instil career knowledge among students. This provides them with a forum from which to make critical decisions about the various career options available in their fields. The departments host a variety of seminars featuring specialists in their fields. Preparation-related books, as well as e-books issued by the subject faculties, are available in the department and college libraries. In certain departments, special courses are held to train and counsel students for exams.
These courses have aided students in becoming more conscious of various competitive exams such as TNPSC, RRB, IBPS, UPSC, and IT businesses, as well as securing placements. In addition, the numbers of students taking these exams are increasing