Computer Laboratory

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The College has innovative PC illustrations studios with in excess of 80 progressed PCs with LAN and internet providers through remote availability, and LCD projection frameworks, equipment and programming, computerized cameras, printers, scanners, plotters and copying machine and so on all are the foundation of our foundation. As a piece of ATASC's interest to be innovatively in synchronize with the occasions, the accompanying equipment and frameworks were introduced in the College.
• ICT empowered classrooms to have been presented for advancing the educating and learning measure.
• More number of equipment and programming are added to oblige the necessities of the students and staff.
• The Lab has Internet facility to speed up the activities like browsing and research.

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F7COMPUTER LAB4120.8852.8
F8COMPUTER LAB4120.8852.8
F9HARDWARE LAB1820.8374.4

CHEMISTRY Laboratory

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The Division of Science offers B.Sc., Science alongside science as an auxiliary program for the understudies who have accepted physical science and arithmetic as their united subject. Lab offers understudies a chance to perform tests that investigate significant substance idea and present legitimate tab method and security. The understudy will exhibit the capacity to take care of synthetic issue utilizing legitimate methodology dependent on grounded logical standards.
The will actually want to utilize substance speculations to clarify and foresee recognizable marvels, utilizing the standards created in science. When directing an investigation, the understudy will follow composed system precisely and securely, exhibit ability with lab gear and estimating gadgets, and record information obviously and accurately.

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The principle objective of the Division is to instill the fundamental ideas and uses of Natural chemistry in the understudy and to prosper in the field of innovative work. The mystery of the achievement of this Division lies in its scholarly climate and the nearby ties among educators and understudies. Since its actual beginning, the Office has created various splendid researchers who are currently seeking after their professions in India and abroad. Periodical exploration has been the sign of its employees. The Division has streamlined every one of the assets to improve the nature of training.

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16Biochemistry Lab60.923.41425.06

PHYSICS Laboratory

PHYSICS Laboratory

1. To give the theoretical ideas discussed in the lectures an experimental grounding. It's crucial that pupils get the chance to independently confirm some of the concepts.

2. To familiarise students with experimental tools, the scientific method, and data analysis techniques so that they may understand the inductive process that gave rise to the ideas. to instruct students on how to conduct meticulous experimental observations and how to analyse and derive conclusions from the resulting data.

3. To present the techniques for estimating and handling experimental uncertainties, including fundamental concepts in probability theory and the distinctions between systematic and random "errors," as well as the estimation of these uncertainties. Understanding what legitimate conclusions can be drawn from experimental data and that these conclusions, when correctly obtained, are valid, notwithstanding the ambiguity of the data, is crucial.

4. Acquire the ability to explain scientific data in a technical report in a clear and straightforward manner.

5. To present fresh ideas and methods that are widely used in experimental science but are not covered in the regular curriculum. The student might need to consult extra texts to complete them.

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6PHYSICS LAB3023.4702