“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge it is inspiring change

Learning is more than absorbing facts it is acquiring understanding”

-William Arthur Ward

I am proud to be a part of college, which serves with great attitude of promoting young and aspiring students of the first generation graduates from remote village and econmocially backward families. I am witnessing to the growth and expansion of Annai Therasa Arts and Science College with excellent administration and finding out the students talent.

At Annai Therasa Arts and Science College, we acknowledge the diverse learning styles and myriad areas of talent in our students. Our teachers strive to cater and understand the unique needs of each student to bring out the best in their interests with modern teaching methods.

Annai Therasa Arts and Science College is unique and different in its own style. We believe in all-round development of our students by giving equal importance to growth, not just academics, but also co curricular and extracurricular activities like music, drama, sports, entrepreneur and much more!


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