Annai Therasa College is a dynamic learning environment, focusing on a stimulating student experience. Our students come from rural and mostly first generation graduate, seeking a space where they can learn from finest faculty to enrich their knowledge in challenging curriculum and modern methods in education. Higher Education is taking meticulous changes these days in quite short periods of time. The observable fact is global and it becomes important for each and every Individual and Society to respond to the changes in order to stay in the field and continue to contribute. Particularly, institutes of higher education have an extended their accountability and responsibility of instilling societal concern in their student community.

I invite Students to explore the College and the many opportunities that await them. Whether you ultimately decide to join the hands with us, to learn with us, teach with us, or even invest in us, Definitely Annai Therasa College value your dreams and look forward to shape the future with you.

Thiru T.A.Kandasamy

Speaker sec