Standing Order


The College authorities have, as their goals, high standards of academic efficiency and discipline.

1.1.All the applicants who are provisionally selected for admission become bonafide students of the college from the time they pay their tuition fees in full or part as per procedures adopted by the college.

1.2 All the bonafide students of the college will be issued identity (ID) cards. Students should always keep the ID card with them and produce the same on demand.

1.3 Students should not leave the campus without proper permission during the working hours.

1.4 Students should assemble in their respective lecture halls five minutes before the bell and maintain silence. Students are asked to stand up in the class when lecturers or other officials enter the class room until they take up their seats.

1.5 Students can leave the class room only when the class is over.

1.6 During the class hours no one is allowed to wander or loiter in the college premises.

1.7 Students are advised not to do anything that deface walls, door, windows, furniture etc., or damage the properties of the college.

1.8 Writing, scribbling on the desks, benches, walls, door, and black board or on the floor is prohibited. The offenders will be punished by imposing fine as per the decision takem by the college authorities.

1.9 In case of non-identity, the whole class will be responsible for the damage caused and collective fine will be collected from all the students of the class.

1.10 Students should not disturb the seating arrangement in the classroom.

1.11 The act of the students that would tarnish the image of the college either directly or indirectly will be dealt severely.

1.12 All the students are expected to extent their co-operation in keeping the premises of the college neat and tidy.

1.13 Students are strictly forbidden from collection of money for any purpose without prior written permission of the Principal.

1.14 They also should not circulate any kind of notice among the students or post any kind of information on the notice board or walls or on the black board without prior written permission from the Principal.

1.15 Students should not conduct any kind of meeting or assembly in the college campus without prior written permission from the Principal.

1.16 No students can bring outsiders to the college premises. However for extra-curricular or Co-currilar activities, the Principal shall sanction permission to bring outsiders.

1.17 Smoking, drinking, drugs and other vices are strictly prohibited in the college premise. The offenders will be given suitable punishment including dismissal from the college, if it is necessary in the interest of students and the college.

1.18 Ragging of any kind in the college, hostel or even outside the college campus is an offence. Students guilty of the offence will be handed over to the police authorities for necessary action. Further they will be dismissed from the college.

1.19 Properties lost in and outside the campus when found students should hand over to the college office. The owner of the property can claim it after providing evidences for his/her ownership.

1.20 Students are forbidden from entering the college office and staffroom during unspecified hours.

1.21 Any students found willfully preventing other students from attending classes, inciting strikes or disobeying the instructions /order given by the professors will be expelled from the college.

1.22 Students taking part in political, communal or any antisocial activities will be severely dealt with.

1.23 The principal decision shall be the final in the matter of punishment given to students for violation of the rules and regulations.

1.24 Any student found contravening the rules and regulations of the college is liable to be punishable by the principal. Students are expected to watch the college notice board regularly for official or general announcement notified. Ignorance of any notice thus posted will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to the company with it.

1.25 Carrying and using of mobile phone inside the college campus is banned. Defaulters mobile will be seized it will be returned only after completion of the course (or) students will be levied fine of Rs.3000/-for using of cell phone.


2.1 All the students should adopt the dress regulation stipulated by the college, otherwise they will not be permitted to attend the classes.

2.2 Boys should wear formal pant/shirt, plain jean/T-shirts with collar (full or half sleeves). Cow-boy pattern dress /faded pant is strictly prohibited.

2.3 Girls should wear sarees / half sarees and blouses with sleeves. Churidhar /Salwaar with sleeves and thupatta are also permitted.

2.4 All the dress materials may be of any colour, plain or printed but should not bear any obscene words, designs, pictures, insignia etc.,

2.5 Students should wear ordinary shoes or slippers.

2.6 Students who have not followed dress code, they will not be allowed to attend the classes.


3.1 Attendance is compulsory for the students, as per the University of Madras prescribed attendance eligibility.

3.2 Attendance will be marked for every period of the day.

3.3 No student shall be absent himself/herself out the college without prior permission. Leave letter should be submitted for the period of absence. All the leave applications should be endorsed by the parent or guardian. Leave will be sanctioned only on the basis of the recommendation of the concerned professor and the Head of the Department.

3.4 Students coming after grace time will not be permitted to enter the class. However he/she may be admitted to attend the classes the following working hours.

3.5 Habitual late comers are liable to be punished by imposing fine Rs.10/-. The decision of the Principal in this regard based on the regularity and behavior of the student is final.


4.1 Tuitions fees should be paid within the specified period

4.2 Tuition fee for the first year UG/PG courses should be paid fully in one installment at the time of admission together with all the specified special fees. All the fees required to be paid to University of Madras shall be collected at the time of admission and also the following year as prescribed from time to time.

4.3 Tuition fees, special fees, etc. once paid will not be refunded.

4.4 Tuition fees payable for the second and third year shall be accepted either full (one installment) or two installments. All other fees including special fees will be accepted only in one installment.

4.5 The fees shall be paid on or before the tenth working day in each term. Thereafter the fees with a late fee will be collected as follows:

First 7 days - Rs.100/-
Upto 15 days - Rs.200/-
Upto 30 days - Rs.300/-
Upto 45 days - Rs.500/-

4.6 Defaulter name will be removed from the roll and he/she may be readmitted in the classes with payment of Rs.2000/- as a readmission fee.

4.7 The rules regarding payment of fees are applicable to all the students including scholarship holders.

4.8 Students leaving in the middle of the course should pay the fees of the entire course as they cause an irrevocable permanent vacancy of seats in the particular course.


5.1 Students must apply to the principal for any kind of certificates to be issued by the college. Ordinarily a notice of two days is necessary for the issue of any certificate. The following fees will be collected.

1. Issue of Transfer Certificate : Rs.250/-
2. Conduct Certificate : Rs.50/-
3. Age Proof Certificate : Rs.25/-
4. Course Completion Certificate : Rs.25/-
5. Bonafide Certificate : Rs.10/-
6. Fee structure for entire year : Rs.10/-
7. No objection Certificate : Rs.100/-
8. Certificate Verification ; Rs. 25/-
9. Attestation (Each Page) : Rs. 25/-